Tramack History

Who Are The Tramacks?

The Tramacks are a family based around the Nashua, New Hampshire area. The immediate family this website is focused on is Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tramack and their kids: Christina, Samantha, and Joshua. What makes this family so unique is they all share the same hobby. The whole family sings Barbershop. For the original website this was based on and more information about the various arrangements available for purchase, visit

What is Barbershop?

Barbershop is a style of A Cappella music, meaning there are no instruments and only vocals. Traditional barbershop is only 4 parts, but there is also what could be considered "contemporary barbershop" which is still barbershop groups but they perform songs that are not necessarily in the barbershop style. There are two different organizations the family are associated with: Barbershop Harmony Sociect (BHS), and Harmony Incorporated (Harmony inc. or HI). There are many different quartets and choruses the family have been a part of and are currently in, so in order to show the different groups here is a little table showing who is a part of what current groups. For an example of what barbershop is, click on the video below (The quartet featured in the video is Ringmasters Quartet, and was posted by the Barbershop Harmony Society).

Family Member Choruses Quartets
Stephen Tramack No Choruses Pop-pop and the Boys
Renee Tramack New England Voices in Harmony Taken 4 Granite, New Q
Christina Tramack New England Voices in Harmony, Boston Tune Party Taken 4 Granite, Sweet & Sour
Samantha Tramack New England Voices in Harmony Taken 4 Granite, Sweet & Sour, New Q
Joshua Tramack No Choruses Sweet & Sour, Pop-pop and the Boys, Basses Loaded